Les Prods d'en Bas
LPDB was created by Guillaume Moyne in 2008.

After 15 years in the audiovisual industry, where he gained solid expertise in artistic direction, creation and supervision of soundtracks, he developed a passion for mixing.

A Sound Design activity that he also offers within YOURS structure.

As a musician himself, he was able to pinpoint the needs of the band he played in and guided their musical productions.

But, as essential as the experience of music is, it is above all the knowledge and mastery of technical tools, constituting the arsenal of the mixer, that Guillaume and his teams provide in service of your projects.

A keen know-how that cultivates the precise utility of each technology, allowing us to choose the tool that will be best adapted to your music.
A network of multidisciplinary professionals
Managed by the founder, LES PRODS D'EN BAS is a vast network of independent sound-engineering professionals, called upon specifically according to the stylistic tones of your project.

The coherence of the work is, however, ensured by the supervision of a single contact person, throughout the entire process.
Knowing the rules helps you to unlearn them...

Today, the range of audio tools available to us is wide and varied;

And more than ever, it is key to know the specificities perfectly, to allow your expression, your music, your voice ... "to fill the sound space".

More than the only standard effect of any compressor, equalizer or other machine or plugin; our expertise offers you the opportunity to capture the best of various approaches to fine tune your creative music project.

At LES PRODS D'EN BAS, the workflow gets the best of both worlds by mixing digital - sequencers & converters, and analog - for the final soundtrack.
Nothing like a real test...
As every song has its "true essence", we propose a trial run
as a first collaboration with a free Mixtest.

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