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So, then how about Mastering?!
It's a crucial step of the rendering of your songs, mastering will also be an important building block in the process.

The goal of Mastering is not to transform your piece, nor to change the balance of the Mix; but to correct it with subtlety, and very delicately "polish" the final product.

At this point too, we speak in terms of: thickness, color and space.

The Mastering stage is also intended to conform your songs to the many formats required on the various digital, broadcast platforms, ensuring compatibility and better listening quality.
« Humans after all...! »
For your projects including Mixing & Mastering, LES PRODS D'EN BAS offers a two-step service: a different team for each of the two stages.

Assigning a different team for finalization in the Mastering phase will provide a fresh look and further refinement of the work done in the Mixing stage.

To this end, LPDB has a team of several expert mastering engineers, in order to offer you a complete service of a master recording.

Technical solutions that cover the different mastering approaches, to meet all your stylistic requirements.

In addition, an artistic vision, a create and always customized approach - a human perspective that takes the specific elements of your project into account.

It remains a service which is 100% digitized and online, allowing for quick turnaround from IT support for your project and a rendering returned to you as soon as possible.

Nothing like a real test...
As every song has its "true essence", we propose a trial run
as a first collaboration with a free Mixtest.

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