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Why Mixing is important

The essence of a mix is to capture and enhance the feeling and emotion of your song. To deliver that emotion to your audience.

Indeed, "flaws" in recording - which tend to be common, are, in general, partially correctable during the Mixing phase, since at this stage, you have the raw product (i.e. separate tracks) and the appropriate tools.

Except, of course, in extreme cases where you may have recorded yourself in a "microphone inside a bin" style.

That said, it is important to be mindful during these first two phases: recording and mixing; once at the mastering phase, the mastering engineer will only have a certain degree of latitude.

Mixing allows you to choose and calibrate the balance of different sound sources in your song, all of which will be relayed to your audience in the end.
Hardware vs Plugins…
The technical shock!
We speak of the "Warmth of the analog sound" as compared to "The coldness of the digital sound".
"Is the hardware better or not as good as the plugins... ?!

Since the advent of the digital age, this debate has monopolized the forums. Dividing pros and cons.

However, it would be absolutely false (!) to claim that one is fundamentally better than the other, in every respect!

You won't always have the choice, and you'll have to learn to be creative; but in the event of that happening, both technologies have their own specific colors and uses, depending on the context.

Our approach is to consider the two as complementary.

It goes without saying that analog hardware brings character, specific colors. But we must also take the evolution of the market into account, since now the hardware is more and more connected, while maintaining its "analogical qualities".

On the other hand, the evolution of plugins continues to lead to a more faithful reproduction of the behavior of analog machines, using more and more powerful algorithms.

Our expertise in each of these varied tools allows us to make recommendations on the optimal choices to best serve your music and bring more definition to it.
LES PRODS D'EN BAS provides you with a wide range of online, technical solutions for mixing, to cover your creative desires and explore your various inspirations.

A Mix at "LTD Effect": Larger I Thicker I Deeper

The work of our sound engineers is to amplify 3 dimensions of your sound recordings, to make them:

◉ Larger [→ stereo]
Thicker [→ power]
Deeper [→ depth]

These three notions guide the sound engineer throughout the mixing produce, to relay the artist's original feeling as faithfully as possible.

A co-creative process

Every one of your songs is the result of tireless hours of work, research, back and forth, decisions on each dimension of your musical project.

Our engineers will help you, with their technical knowledge and experience in music, to extract the spirit from your work.

Our goal is to capture and reproduce the intended feeling that is already there, without disguising it.
Nothing like a real test...
As every song has its "true essence", we propose a trial run
as a first collaboration with a free Mixtest.

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