Send stereo files
Send separate tracks
As each project is unique, we have chosen the most flexible pricing option possible, according to your needs and budget.

These prices will have to be moderated according to the complexity of your project (recording of additional tracks, exceptional duration of the piece, number of tracks (+45), exports of stems etc ...).

The best thing to do is have to discuss it together... Don't hesitate to contact us here.

We will get back to you as soon as possible [48 hours max. - except when studio is closed for holiday.]
The proposed rates are for reference
Mix Stems (instru + Voice)
Let's talk
Let's talk
What are the Terms?
  • Price to be modulated for EP and LP; contact us here
  • All our prices are VAT, on invoice, VAT at 20% in accordance with French taxation.
  • We accept PayPal payments, or transfers.
  • We ask 50% when starting the mix / master, and 50% before receiving the final Mix / Master, after the last corrections.
What is the work process?
  • Throughout the work process your songs will not be sent in their entirety. However, only a few seconds will be missing, so that you are not embarrassed in the appreciation of the work provided.
  • Only after final payment will you receive all of your mixes / masters, according to order.
  • Our rates include 2 stages of corrections after receiving our mix:
    • A first to correct what does not suit you, or you want to optimize.
    • And a second correction after receiving our 2nd version which includes your corrections, in view of your final agreement.
How to send your files
Create a folder
Create a folder on behalf of your project
Song Name + Project Name + Song Tempo

Add the stereo mix
Add a STEREO mix (export / Bounce) of your song, stereo MP3 or AIFF or Wav, as you are satisfied.
Upload on a Drive
Upload the folder containing the STEREO mix to your drive: WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google, iCloud ...
Project with separate tracks
Send your song in separate tracks, or a copy of your project (Pro Tools, Logic and Cubase supported) making sure you have:
Consolidate the tracks
That is to say, to gather in a single track all the audios present on the same track.
Remove the effects
Remove all the effects present on your different tracks, insert and send, AND ESPECIALLY ON YOUR BUS MASTER! (Limiting compressors reverses, delay etc ...).

Do not export the effects only to the tracks where they are part of the sound.
DO NOT normalize the tracks!!!
Name the tracks
Label the tracks appropriately: bass drum for bass drums, snare drum for snare drum, bass for bass vocals for vocals etc etc...
Export tracks
Method 1: Export each track solo, from the same starting point, so that when we receive your tracks, all can be imported at the same point, and thus find your song as it should be in its entirety.

Method 2: Create a copy of your project, specifying your software to copy only the active tracks in your song.
Your software will create a copy of your project, which will contain only the "useful" tracks, that is to say the one you have just consolidated.
All you need to do is rename or copy / rename (better ...) the "audio" folder contained in this copy, and send it to us via your cloud.
What are the authorized software?
You can send us your sessions directly under Cubase, Logic or ProTools, after consolidating and naming your tracks (Bd SD Bass Guitar Voice etc...)
    What type of formats are accepted?
    We accept all types of session format and files, in AIFF or WAV, in frequencies ranging from 0 to 192K, 16, 24 or 32 bits.

    Nevertheless, consider that a resolution of 48K / 24 bits is sufficient for most mixs / masters, and weighs less for your exports.
    Nothing like a real test...
    As every song has its "true essence", we propose a trial run
    as a first collaboration with a free Mixtest.

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